This is the live stream of tree01


Advanced technologies are reshaping the way we perceive and interact with our environment. This project, at its first steps of development, aims at the growth of the first digitally represented tree. With this experiment, I try to merge a tree with digital media to develop a continuously evolving installation.

Tree01 is the first tree that will be live-streamed forever. Follow it through all stages of life. The moment the tree outgrows the camera frame I will add a new camera to the installation. Adding a new view of the tree. This page will continue to grow in correlation with Tree01.


If you like you can support this expreiment and help Tree01. Your donation will help this project to grow. For bigger donations I am happy to install a screen with the live-stream in your house. Binging Tree01 right into your living room.

Feel free to send a mail to if you have more questions.