consume diversity Seeds have different regulations in every country, commercial companies create new regulations on seeds and on the other hand, open source systems promote the natural action of sharing and crediting seeds. This happens on a global level which all in all makes seeds a very loaded, difficult and important topic. Therefore we created OSSS slightly off the typical paths that deal with Seeds. OSSS is a brand for snacks. The brand needed a catchy appearance. One that does not only speak to farmers but also to the people who are not conscious about food and where it comes from. Not to force education on the consumer but to use his power of consumption. We got inspired by the visual elements of popular brands for our brand-identity so that it can speak to a wide range of people. Instead of keeping everything to the brand and private like big popular brands use to do it, our brand is laying everything open. And for this, we stand with our name: Open Source Seeds Snacks (OSSS). It doesn't only make the business a social model but also generates more outreach on the market. The graphical elements of the brand's identity are simplified for the purpose of recreation and so are the other parts of the brand. It starts with the product itself. The snack-bar is suitable as it is easy to produce and goes well with current trends in food. It can be produced with a wide range and combinations of raw ingredients and without electricity. Snack-bars can be healthy and fun at the same time. Every Farmer who wants to share and keep using his indigenous seeds and crops can add value to the food, promote the food and reach a wider market by making a snack-bar from it. By using the seeds and crops as ingredients, the recipe of the snack-bar, shown on packaging and website, serves as a documentation of the concerned open source seed. The Seeds can be shared through the snack-bar as vehicle but even more through the snack-bar production workshop. We organize workshops with farming-communities who want to support and share their indigenous seeds and crops. We make sure enough people are participating and each person brings an ingredient, crop or seed from their own farm. Like this, we end up having a gathering and explaining the brought foods to each other. In such moments it is not a surprise that people learn new things about each other's crops and start sharing them, but of course, such situations first have to be organized. We explain how to make a snack bar with the use of the tools we provide. All tools can run without electricity and are easy to make yourself. It is never the deal that we give directions of what has to be done but rather asks for input, participation and even advice from the farmers. Together we happen to combine traditional knowledge and openness for experimentation to come up with surprising outcomes. We are preparing all ingredients, come up with recipes and press snack-bars. This can happen in different ways depending on the group, but always in a way that people get into action, feel inspired to try themselves afterward and also to take initiative with own ideas. Each Snack-bar is unique. There are as many flavors as communities that make OSSS snacks. The whole workshop is being documented and later on, all documentation, recipes, branding-material and plans for tools will be provided in an open source kit to the community. We already made one workshop in Uganda and one in Kenya and we are targeting to have workshops all over the world. Only like this, we can create a network of local small-scale snack producers who OSSS can promote on a global level. This means the open sharing and using of indigenous seeds is supported by the business of OSSS. In East Africa, we started to create a network of people who are interested in helping or taking part of OSSS. Slowly we create more and more side-branches of how we a continue developing the first open source seeds snack brand. This includes teaching and collaborating with other institutions and designers. OSSS is the result of an Idea-accelerator program of HIVOS. For this HIVOS asked the Design company OPTI MIS MUS to come up with a platform that can support open source seeds systems. Together they are pushing the merging of creativity and humanitarian work to grow OSSS into a working business and to stimulate more collaborations with Designers.