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A tree is planted in a desert. There has never been a tree in this land. This is the first one. This land is a dimension deprived of actuality. Representations make up every grain of this world. Gardeners, who traverse between the desert and Earth, give the tree all the necessities it might need to start its life here. The gardeners have great anticipation, but they also are tensed at the thought that their human life is too short to care for this grandiose creature which might live a thousand years. On the other extreme, they are concerned that the fugitive and precarious nature of this desert might be too hostile for the tree, letting it collapse sooner than expected. We humans do not know for sure. The tree might not be anything more than a hologram, a digital ghost.

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Take a brick, fill it with food, build an oven and enjoy together!
Everyone fills a hollow brick with various raw ingredients. When ready, we come together to build a temporary oven by stacking all the bricks around the fire. Like in traditional brick firing, each single brick is essential as it forms part of the structure and helps retain the heat of the oven. Once the food is ready, the oven is dismantled and we eat together. One brick alone can't do much, but together we can build anything. Join the Bricknic, let's build and eat! A communal space to gather and eat has always been a basic necessity of mankind. We strive to create a network of like-hearted people that can come together to build and eat anytime. In the search for quality production, a collaboration with the company RÖMERTOPF© brought this idea to life.

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E-Hustling East Africa
During a recent visit to Kenya, Jack Ma, CEO of the Alibaba Group, told a group of young East African entrepreneurs that "e-commerce is the future. If you are not there, you are nowhere." We worked together with our friend Barbara Ahimbise, a Chinese language student living in Kampala, to set up an online shoe-shop in central Uganda, and explore how the Chinese e-commerce model can be incorporated in the Ugandan context. Although mobile money is widely used in East Africa, it became clear that online commerce is neither trusted nor is it facilitated at an institutional level in Uganda. The government's controversial introduction of a social media tax, little faith in online payments and a lack of experience in using online services are all factors contributing to this climate. In contrast, small unofficial shops or street-vendors are a widespreadand bustling business, currently under threat of being evicted without an alternative solution. E-Hustling East-Africa asks whether online vending can become an alternative business platform for Ugandan street vendors and grow into a local online business melting pot able to regenerate itself by employing and adapting the Alibaba tool box.


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A plan to reforest the whole Netherlands by 2060 to create a holistic, eco-friendly, tree-based society. The project reveals possible scenarios of a radical green future, integrating trees into all areas of life. It is our responsibility to explore innovative proposals to change how we use the planet. Reforestation would improve the quality of life in cities, stimulate sustainable agriculture while strengthening our ecosystems through nature conservation. Trees are good for climate stabilization, soil regeneration, recreation, and general happiness. They can also provide nutritious foods, for example, different nuts, which could be made into hazelnut milk, acorn bread or cheese made of fermented walnuts. These have the potential to become Dutch staple foods of the future.

Houtland film
Approaching Perfection
Billions of years ahead. Our body has morphed into the shape of the holy sphere - round, smooth and perfect. The pure incarnation of the endless strives for progress. Every step inevitably leads towards the round. Progress, development, religion and the stars, humans animals, plants and atoms have merged into one pure source of concentrated energy. Space energy, the soul, unexplainable things, circularity, connectivity, our mind, and physicality. Everything slowly, very very slowly will become soft, more round and gentle. The endless optimism of human development. Hereby I investigate if human evolution exhibits natural tendencies towards efficiency and the strive for progress. Whereby setting the yet fictional end goal of endless progress towards an imaginary prefect sphere. This ongoing research is used as a vessel to combine an philosophical, scientific and artistic approach and is open ended like the constant flow of time. A line of thought which will always progress.

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A Snack that has the power to compress social support, ecological diversity and knowledge into something easy to consume for everyone. OSSS is a brand - introducing a new taste aiming to become a global snack produced on a local scale and local ingredients. We produce delicious snack-bars made from indigenous foods. OSSS preserves biodiversity for a brighter future and inspires farmers all over the world to continue growing indigenous crops. OSSS operates with an open source ideology, providing all blueprints for recipes, information, and tools to its communities, members and customers. We believe in a diverse production and open flow of innovation. Everyone who grows or eats natural foods can become part of OSSS strengthening global food diversity on a local and also global scale.

Open Source Seeds Systems Hivos
Healthy and accessible food, green spaces and retreat areas in extremely dense urban centers such as Nairobi become more and more important. Greenobi offers a lush oasis of green fauna on top of the roofs in Nairobi. Where food will be prepared and consumed in the most local way imaginable. The common rooftop of a very standard house in Nairobi is flat. Seeing this potential, we developed Greenobi, a vegetarian rooftop restaurant. We developed a fully functional solar cooker to cook food with pure sunlight. Using old unused TV dishes which are found in big quantities on the roofs of Nairobi. We use the parabolic shape of the satellite dishes to capture the sun and center the rays in one spot beneath a pot. This device is able to boil water within 15 minutes. We presented the first prototype during our popup event in March 2019 and at the national Museum of Kenya during the Nairobi Design Week 2019. We received so much positive feedback that we now start to produce the solar cooker for customers.

Open Source Seeds Systems Hivos
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